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Community Service

In addition to developing academic skills, AEA strives to develop a sense of community and civic pride. To develop that sense elementary students are required to complete ten (10) hours of community service each school year. Middle and High School students must complete twenty-five (25) hours of community service each year.


Service hours must be completed at organizations and events that provide a benefit to others in the community. Details about pre-approved organizations and events may be found on the Community Service portion of the website. Students and parents may request approval for additional opportunities not already listed. Students must have a community service log form signed by the event supervisor at the time of the service.

An optional reflection may be completed by the student. He/she then turns the form into his/her teacher. The Community Service coordinator will then process the form and issue a certificate of completion. To receive the certificate before the school year ends all logs must be turned in by the end of the first full week in May. Logs received after may not be processed before the last day of the school.


Hours not completed before the end of the school year will be added to the next school year’s total. Students in grade 6 may not participate in the grade 6 end of the year trips/celebrations if they have not completed the required community service hours.


Students who start mid-year will have to complete a pro-rated amount of hours. Students will be responsible to complete one hour of service per month of school remaining in the school year.