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AEA’s educational program emphasizes a multi-cultural understanding, foreign language acquisition, and academic achievement for college readiness with twenty-first century skills. To accomplish these objectives Einstein Academy uses an integrated project-based curriculum, global and multicultural themes, community service and leadership opportunities, foreign- language courses, as well as a central STEAM foundation for all curricular areas.


PBL (Project Based Learning)

Project-based learning incorporates education through experiences. Students are faced with a problem or a guiding question that must be answered through the investigatory process and with teacher guidance. When walking into a PBL environment, one would see teams of students collaborating, creating, and critically thinking while mastering the required lesson content. Throughout PBL activities students are engaged in academic dialogue that generates communication and collaboration skills in all grade-levels. The learning conducted in a PBL classroom is much deeper and richer because it is connected to everyday problems that students can easily relate to. Integrating many content areas into one project is a unique approach and one of the most successful strategies for making learning fun and effective.


S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

Many engineers, doctors, computer analysts, mathematicians, and other field scientists continue to retire and few are ready to take their place. It then becomes essential that we provide AEA scholars with STEAM skills to prepare them for these types of careers. The STEAM program offered at AEA ensures that science, technology, engineering, art, and math are integral parts of the curriculum. Many of the PBL programs will be STEAM based. In addition, weekly STEAM blocks are periods designated strictly for focusing on STEAM instruction. We believe that the overarching art component of STEAM is fundamental in order to have the innovation and creativity required to perform scientific inquiry. Our STEAM days and projects are continuously supported by the technology used by students and teachers in the classroom daily.


World Languages

AEA believes that in order to successfully function in a twenty-first century world students must speak the languages of the business world. Students learn some of the top world languages which are spoken by the majority of people around the globe. AEA offers foreign language classes from Kindergarten through 6th grades. Through language acquisition students also develop a better understanding of culture and of the world around them.


Community Service and Leadership

AEA seeks to cultivate each student’s commitment to public participation through opportunities to work for positive change both within and outside the school. Within the school, a dynamic student government will encourage students to get involved with issues or activities they care about. Student government activities will include weekly meetings that are part of the ongoing life of the school. Students will also be exposed to issues in the surrounding community and to investigate ways they can be a part of community improvement efforts.


The curriculum for grades grades K-8 is delivered in a traditional classroom setting. Students in grades 9-12 are enrolled in an independent study program that utilizes a blended learning approach that combines classroom instruction with online instruction through the online learning platform provided by Edgenuity.