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Drop Off/ Pick Up

Please keep in mind that our primary goal with regard to drop-off and pick-up is the Safety of our Students, Faculty, Administration and Volunteers.

Your Cooperation Will Make the Parking Lot Safer and More Efficient

Morning drop-off and afternoon pick up are hectic times in our parking lot. Our first and foremost goal is to make sure that our students our safe. We are working hard to make sure that the process is as efficient as possible. Your patience and cooperation in following the guidelines is greatly appreciated. Important: If you are using the drop-off line in the morning of the valet line in the afternoon, please do not park or exit your vehicle. Please do not allow your student to exit or enter your vehicle until you are at the front of the line.



Parents are asked to comply with the following procedures to ensure the safety of everyone.
Morning Valet and Drop-off Procedures
  • Parents who wish to drop off their students will follow the valet loop.
  • Students will then walk up the ramp to the play yards and wait for the bell to ring.
  • Parents who wish to park and walk their student to campus will be directed to park in the lot near the garden and then walk their student around the wooden fence and up the ramp.
  • Please note that parents are not allowed to walk through the valet line. 
Afternoon Valet and Parking Procedures
  • Parents who wish to use the valet line are asked to follow the flow of traffic.
  • Parents are to remain in their cars, off their cell phones, while waiting for child.
  • Students will enter the car from the right side. Younger siblings should be placed on the left side behind the driver's seat.
  • Parents who wish to park and pick up their child should following the same morning procedures. 
  • Parking is only permitted in the open area near the garden.
  • There will be no parking allowed in the center area or near the eucalyptus trees.
General Guidelines
  • Be alert at all times.
  • Follow the direction of the parking lot and the traffic volunteers.
  • Be respectful of other drivers.
  • Please stay off of your cell phone while driving.
  • Please refrain from having conversations in the valet line.
  • Please talk with child about your plans for drop-off and pick-up.