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albert einstein academy for Letters Arts and Sciences Agua Dulce Partnership Academy

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Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts, and Sciences - Agua Dulce Partnership Academy, is located in Agua Dulce, California and opened in August of 2014 as a K-6 brick and mortar school with an independent study component for grades K-12. The school’s charter was revised in July of 2017 to add grades seven and eight to the brick and mortar, classroom based, instructional program. In addition, the independent study program was modified to serve grades nine through twelve and increased the percentage of seat-based instruction from "not exceeding 19%" to "not exceeding 79%." While the school has been in operation for the past three years primarily delivering only the K-6 classroom based program, grades 7-12 will be introduced to campus for the first time during the 2017-2018 school year with the objective of delivering a rigorous, interdisciplinary, college preparatory curriculum focused on the development of student leaders who will have a global view, develop competency in a world language, and become life-long learners.