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Academics » Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO's)

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO's)


Students graduating from Albert Einstein Academy will be:



Effective Communicators who:

  • Are proficient in written and spoken language
  • Engage in active listening
  • Read, understand, and clarify information
  • Can follow directions

Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers who:

  • Use concepts of logical reasoning
  • Formulate ideas and develop strategies
  • Analyze materials and draw inferences
  • Use a variety of creative and logical approaches for solving problems

Responsible Citizens who:

  • Understand the importance of serving the community
  • Recognize the fundamental worth and dignity of each person
  • Recognize and practice moral, ethical, legal, and appropriate behaviors
  • Are aware of local, national and global issues
  • Participate in the efforts to improve the school and general communities

Independent and Lifelong Learners who:

  • Are capable of setting personal and professional goals
  • Can apply knowledge to real world situations
  • Strive to meet obligations and expectations
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively, cooperatively, and independently
  • Recognize the value of a continued education
  • Value the importance of maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health

Proficient Users of Technology who:

  • Incorporate computers/other forms of technology to complete projects
  • Retrieve, analyze, and incorporate information via the Internet
  • Employ various technological skills as a means to communicate, create, and present information