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Student Spotlight

This year is very different for many as it’s the first time we have High School students on our campus. It’s the first time we’ve had middle school students on our campus. For many It’s the first-time younger scholars with older siblings are all attending the same school. But did you know some of the High School students are making very special plans? Spotlight will share a new student with you every month. This month meet Jasmyn Choi. I asked her to tell me about her campus beautification project & here is what she wrote. . .
Jasmyn Choi, AEA Senior

I was interested in doing a project in
campus beautification because of my
interest in sustainability and art. I want
to set an example for the younger kids
that we have the responsibility to treat
our Earth and our campus well, and
that there shouldn't be trash littered
across the fields. I also didn't want this
campus to feel undesirable to set foot
on. Not only that, but I have always
had an interest in art, and putting art in
a space that others can enjoy and
interact with is also very important to
me. That's why part of my project also
includes my plans to paint murals and
other colorful, fun pieces all across the
campus. I'm glad to just have the
opportunity to renovate and elevate
this campus.