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Race to the Moon!

Giving Tuesday - Help Our Schools Race to the Moon!!

Like the astronauts who rocketed to the moon decades ago, AEA has been a pioneer in your child’s education. As with all innovation, funding is critical to mission success. You may not know that AEA receives 10% less funding than traditional public schools making it difficult continue our Race to the Moon!

Tuesday, November 28th is GIVING TUESDAY! In the season of giving there are many things to be thankful for. Your child's first class education should be at the top of your list. Please give your child the "gift" of a great education through your 100% tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help close the funding gap, enhance student programs, and balance our budget. We know that everyone’s circumstances are different; our request is that you donate $600 per child. This is equal to $1.64 per day, less than a cup of coffee or can of soda! However - NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL and any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.

In order to recognize your donation, the following incentives will be provided. Please use the attached form to submit your 100% tax-deductible donation today!


Donation Level

Donor Level Name



Mercury 1


$100 - $249

Freedom 7

Free Dress


Friendship 7

No Homework for a Week

$500 - $999

Gemini VII

Late Start of Your Choosing

$1000 - $1499

Surveyor 1

VIP lunch w/ principal - dress up day


Apollo 11

Bypass valet for the 17/18 school year

In addition to the individual incentives, the class at each school that raises the most money will be treated to an ice cream social. The school that has the highest percentage of participation will earn an all school free dress and movie day.

As we Race to the Moon together keep your eye on our website where we will update you about our progress and recognize those who have given.  Also, ask your children each day about the space missions above as we will be learning about the brave men and women who got us to the Moon. Our goal is to complete this mission by December 15th with 100% participation. Please complete the form below to make your donation at the school. Our teachers will be at the ready to collect your donations on Tuesday the 28th in the car line, use the form below to ensure that your donation is properly accounted for. If you would like to donate online please use our secure donation portal located at



Thank you,
Joel Hopkins
President, AEALAS, Inc. Board of Directors